Old Polaroids



The other day I was going over my box of old photos from my film days and dug these two out. They’re from my old hometown, when one weekend I decided to drive to the nearest Walmart half an hour away to pick up a Polaroid. I was in the mood for some experimentation, as well as the instant gratification one could only get in the pre-digital age (yes, I know I’m old, so shh!).

That Saturday was spent wandering around town, carefully thinking and rethinking my shots. I forgot how many photos you could get out of one roll or cartridge or whatever you called it, but I only had one, so each shot was precious ammo I didn’t want to waste.

Out of all the ones I shot that day, these two stood out, at least for me. I took a bit of a gamble on the flock of pigeons and decided to pan the shot to get sharpness in contrast with motion blur and luckily for me it turned out well (good thing too, the pigeons never came back). The stray dog just broke my heart, it’s pained, tired, almost ancient eyes staring back.

I wish I could find some Polaroid film and shoot again. Well, I could probably find some in NYC, might have to research a bit if some third party is still making it. The downside of digital is that every shot seems expendable, it kind of cheapens the experience. Shooting Polaroids was very enjoyable, and I would love to cover my fridge and office desk with little square photos in white borders.

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2 Responses to Old Polaroids

  1. zoo-octan says:

    Hi stumbled on your post while searching for polaroid tags. You could try the new Impossible Project films. They’re getting better with time. I entirely, 100%, agree with what you say and feel about digital – which is why I started shooting instant this year and starting documenting it on wordpress. Please drop by and let me know what you think – http://zoophotos.wordpress.com

  2. Al Rivera says:

    Thanks for the tip! You know whats funny? I somehow added the Impossible Project Film to my Facebook a while ago and never knew they sold film! I’m going to check out the NYC store this week! You have some great notes and examples of the different films they have available, I’m following your blog to learn more about instant film.

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